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A: Yes, the Wedryer filters out the smell of the dried out herb almost completely. So to ease the cost burden Skip Bin Hire Australia now offers a 0% interest payment plan. So you can spread the cost of your skip over a period that suits you. Application takes just 45 seconds for up to $1,000 credit. Skip Bin Hire Australia is not a financial product provider, so to enable us to offer this solution to you, we have teamed up with one of the financial industries leading credit providers, ZipPay, backed by Westpac.
A: Absolutely. Wedryer has air circulation, which reduced the humidity within the system. If you are ever in any doubt, or have an urgent requirement, we recommend calling our team on 1800 422 945. They will get onto our suppliers on your behalf and get you the required bin ASAP.
A: You can hang the Wedryer anywhere in the house: the kitchen, the storage room, the closet. However, for environmental reasons, certain items attract a surcharge, or, should be disposed of seperately. These include: SURCHARGE ITEMS - Tyres - Batteries - Paint and paint tins EXCLUDED ITEMS - Gas Bottles - Asbestos - Insulation - Clinical or medical waste - Hazardous or Toxic Materials - Flourescent tubes - Solvents - Liquids - Oil, petrol or diesel PLEASE NOTE - if these items are discovered in the bin, the skip bin supplier will face a significant surcharge (which will vary item to item) which in turn, they will pass on to you, the customer. To avoid this happening to you, we recommend carefully reading the information accompaying your bin and if you are ever in any doubt, call our team on 1800 922 945.
A: It is recommended to replace the filter every 3 months.
A: Make sure that the fan is facing the right direction and make sure you opened the nylon on the filter.
A: It is recommended to put between 500 g to 1 kg of wet herbs prior to drying them.
A: You may contact us via phone and/or e-mail
A: 1 year
A: 12 volts
A: Sealed package of the following size: 30X30X10 cm.
A: Yes, absolutely. You can operate the system at home with no troubles of noise or smell.
A: The system is extremely quiet, producing a low noise up to 23 dB.
A: 700 g
A: You have to choose your local outlet type when placing the order.
A: You can find a detailed instruction HERE